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For more than 30 years LED-Signs has been manufacturing indoor sports scoreboards. In Basketball LED-Signs is FIBA compliant with dozens of international venues and domestic NBL venues including Cairns, Townsville, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Other than Basketball, LED-Signs also caters for Netball, Futsal, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Water polo, Cycling and Swimming.


Our scoreboard solutions and scoring software are available for a large variety of sports including AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Water Polo and Netball. LED-Signs can assist from with the entire process as well as supply. At LED-Signs we offer services such as design, engineering, certification, DA, fabrication, and installation.

Product Options

LED-Signs’ extensive range of scoreboard solutions include custom engineered scoring functionality for a variety of sports as well as the ability to display advertising and venue promotions. Our large full colour video display boards incorporate live video and instant replays and are supported by our project coordination services for superstructures and installation.