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Remote CMS is a cloud-based management platform for your displays – LED text signs, video screens, LCD panels, third party displays and more – allowing you to update your sign from anywhere using your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Create dynamic documents from your web browser using specialised WYSIWYG editors, schedule displays for business hours or holiday content, and monitor your system in real time.


Remote Content Management System

Internet of Things

A Remote CMS device connects your digital signage to the internet with a range of connectivity options, from ruggedised outdoor 4G mobile networks, to indoor WiFi, to basic ethernet LAN.

From the RemoteCMS website you can remotely update and display content - and monitor the status and health of your device. Your RemoteCMS device will receive ongoing software updates and security patches automatically - no need to install new software.

Live data can be integrated into your displays, such as local weather and RSS news feeds - RemoteCMS can even integrate your existing platforms into content, and interact with third party APIs.

Product Options

Any display, any purpose, anywhere

Display Techologies

Remote CMS devices are display agnostic - from simple text-only LED signs, to graphic and video LED signs, to LCD panels and more - there is a document editor for any type of display. Systems may even be display free, providing remote access to hardware inputs and sensors like car park counters.

Programmable Displays

Remote CMS "documents" are playable content files (e.g., a slide show, a scrolling RSS ticker feed, a multi-media frame, and so on). Documents can be manually played one at a time, scheduled to appear on specified dates or recurring week days, scripted to appear based on configurable events. Documents can have a 'priority' applied, ensuring the most important content is always displayed when needed.

Live Content

Documents can include live elements or "widgets" - from the basic time and date, to weather forecasts, RSS feeds and third-party content provided by external data sources.


Add interactive functionality with application modules - scoreboards, parking systems, control board hardware - and more.