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LED-Signs traffic signs can be updated quickly and simply according to traffic conditions and/or timetabling needs. Ultra-bright, fit for purpose and maintainable LED displays are built to last with low level failure and down time supported by redundancy and live management systems.


All our traffic signs can be quickly and simply updated according to traffic conditions and/or timetabling needs, are ultra-bright and built to last. The versatility and high visibility of LED technology means that it is powerful and effective communication tool. This makes them ideal for traffic management, rail displays, bus and timetable displays as well as car park and mobile trailer applications.

Product Options

All our signs are ultra-bright for high sunlight areas and are legible from greater distances than similar sized static signs. They are available as both static or scrolling, as well as full colour RGB. Mobile trailer signs are also an option we have available. As well, the software interface is user friendly for scheduling and instant updating.